Data on active share market of organizations - residents of Republic of Kazakhstan as of August 17, 2009 (by AFS Board resolution)

17.08.09, 10:46
/KASE, August 17, 09/ - Governed by the Rules of Assessment of Financial Instruments, Listed in Investment Portfolios of Accumulative Pension Funds (Rules), approved by Resolution No. 109 of the Board of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Supervision of Financial Market and Financial Organizations (AFS) of March 26, 2005, KASE is releasing the following table. Data regarding presence or absence of active market of shares of organizations - Kazakhstan residents as on August 17, 2009 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stock code in Active market Stock trades organizer (available/ No. (type and issuer) trading system unavailable) --- ------------------------------------------ ---------------- ------------- 1 Common share of AMF Group AKFI no 2 Common share of Alternative Finance ALLZ no 3 Common share of Almaty Sugar JSC ALSA no 4 Common share of Zhansaya-Producing JSC ALVZ no 5 Preferred share of Zhansaya-Producing JSC ALVZp no 6 Common share of Insurance Company AMANAT INSURANCE JSC AMIN no 7 Preferred share of Almaty International Airport JSC ARAL no 8 Common share of ASIA AUTO JSC ASAV no 9 Common share of Alliance Bank JSC ASBN no 10 Preferred share of Alliance Bank JSC ASBNp1 no 11 Common share of Astana-Finance JSC ASFI no 12 Preferred share of Astana-Finance JSC ASFIp no 13 Common share of Leasing company Astana-Finance JSC ASFL no 14 Common share of Astana-Nedvizhimost JSC ASND no 15 Preferred share of Astana-Nedvizhimost JSC ASNDp no 16 Common share of ASIA SUGAR JSC ASSA no 17 Common share of ASTEL JSC ASTL no 18 Common share of Astana Gas Service JSC ASZS no 19 Common share of ATFBank JSC ATFB no 20 Common share of Aktobe Oil Equipment Plant JSC AZNO no 21 Preferred share of Aktobe Oil Equipment Plant JSC AZNOp no 22 Common share of Bayan-Sulu JSC BSUL no 23 Common share of BTA Bank JSC BTAS yes 24 Common share of Bank CenterCredit JSC CCBN yes 25 Common share of Chimpharm JSC CHFM no 26 Preferred share of Chimpharm JSC CHFMp no 27 Common share of Kaspi Bank JSC CSBN no 28 Preferred share of Kaspi Bank JSC CSBNp no 29 Common share of Danabank JSC DNBN no 30 Common share of ECOTON+ JSC EKTN no 31 Preferred share of Eurasian Bank JSC EUBNp no 32 Common share of Eximbank Kazakhstan JSC EXBN no 33 Preferred share of Eximbank EXBNp no Kazakhstan JSC 34 Common share GLOTUR GLOT no 35 Common share of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC HSBK yes 36 Preferred share of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC HSBKp no 37 Preferred share of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC HSBKp1 no 38 Common share of Investment Finance House RESMI JSC IFDR no 39 Common share of Kant JSC KANT no 40 Common share of Atameken-Agro JSC KATR no 41 Preferred share of Atameken-Agro JSC KATRp no 42 Common share of Karaganda Asbestos and Cement Production Plant JSC KAZI no 43 Preferred share of Karaganda Asbestos and Cement Production Plant JSC KAZIp no 44 Common share of Kazinvestbank JSC KIBN no 45 Preferred share of Kazakhstan Kagazy KKAGp no 46 Common share of Kazkommertsbank JSC KKGB yes 47 Preferred share of Kazkommertsbank JSC KKGBp no 48 Common share of IC Kommesk-Omir JSC KMSO no 49 Common share of RT Holding JSC KSMK no 50 Preferred share of RT Holding JSC KSMKp no 51 Common share of Kazakh distribution company JSC KZDK no 52 Common share of Company for Foreign Insurance Kazakhinstrakh JSC KZIS no 53 Common share of APF-BTA Kazakhstan JSC KZPF no 54 Common share of KazTransCom JSC KZTC no 55 Preferred share of KazTransCom JSC KZTCp no 56 Common share of Kazakhtelecom JSC KZTK no 57 Preferred share of Kazakhtelecom JSC KZTKp no 58 Common share of Insurance Company London-Almaty JSC LNAT no 59 Common share of Lancaster Petroleum LNPT no 60 Common share of MAG JSC MAG_ no 61 Preferred share of MAG JSC MAG_p no 62 Common share of MangistauMunaiGaz JSC MMGZ no 63 Preferred share of MangistauMunaiGaz JSC MMGZp no 64 Common share of Mangistau Electricity Distribution Network Company JSC MREK no 65 Common share of Delta Bank JSC NFBN no 66 Common share of Nurbank JSC NRBN no 67 Preferred share of Nurbank JSC NRBNp6 no 68 Common share of Corporation Ordabasy JSC ORDB no 69 Preferred share of Corporation Ordabasy JSC ORDBp no 70 Common share of Ornek XXI JSC ORNK no 71 Preferred share of Wholesale and retail trade venture JSC ORPT no 72 Common share of Insurance company Pana Insurance PAIN no 73 Common share of Pavlodar Electric Distribution Company JSC PDES no 74 Common share of Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant JSC PNHZ no 75 Common share of Rakhat JSC RAHT no 76 Common share of Exploration Production KazMunaiGas JSC RDGZ yes 77 Common share of RG Brands JSC RGBR no 78 Common share of REMIX-R JSC RMXR no 79 Common share of ROSA JSC ROSA no 80 Common share of RTS Decaux RTCP no 81 Common share of S.A.S. JSC SAS_ no 82 Common share of SAT & Company JSC SATC no 83 Common share of Shymkent Munai Onimderi JSC SHMO no 84 Common share of SENIM-BANK JSC SNBN no 85 Common share of Sumbe JSC SUMB no 86 Common share of Temirbank JSC TEBN no 87 Preferred share of Temirbank JSC TEBNp no 88 Common share of Temirleasing JSC TMLZ no 89 Common share of Tsesnabank JSC TSBN no 90 Preferred share of Tsesnabank JSC TSBNp no 91 Preferred share of Corporation Tsesna JSC TSNAp no 92 Common share of Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium and Magnesium Combine JSC UTMK no 93 Preferred share of Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium and Magnesium Combine JSC UTMKp no 94 Common share of Joint-stock real-estate fund Velikaya Stena JSC VSTN no 95 Common share of Kazcat JSC ZERD no 96 Preferred share of Kazcat JSC ZERDp no 97 Common share of KTRD ZANGAR JSC ZNGR no 98 Preferred share of KTRD ZANGAR JSC ZNGRp no -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules ( define criteria according to which the exchange market of one or another share should be related to the active market. If such market exists in respect of the share, the share market valuation should be conducted in compliance with the market valuation methodology of the trade organizer. Otherwise the shares, listed in investment portfolios of accumulative pension funds, should be valuated in compliance with item 9 of the Rules. As follows from the table, as of August 17, 2009, of 98 stocks of organizations - residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan listed on KASE trading lists, five securities comply with AFS criteria in regard to the active market. KASE draws attention of the Media representatives that publishing of the information afore stated does not mean availability or absence of the share market operating in Kazakhstan. The market activity grade in the published block has been assessed in compliance with AFS criteria for the strictly determined purposes. [2009-08-17]