Transstroimost (Kazakhstan) confirmed KASE the fact of proceeding by Almaty SIEC on bankruptcy

27.07.09, 17:25
/KASE, July 27, 09/ - Transstroimost (Almaty Region), bonds of which are present in Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) official list, in response to KASE request of July 22, 2009 by the letter of July 24, 2009 # 378 provided to KASE the copy of conclusion of Almaty regional Specialized Inter-district Economic Court (in the headline and hereinafter - SIEC) of July 13, 2009. According to this conclusion SIEC accepted the claim of Transstroimost on recognition of it a bankrupt and instituted a legal proceeding on Transstroimost bankruptcy. In the letter Transstroimost informs: quotation start The goal of the case on bankruptcy is rehabilitation of the company in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Bankruptcy". Further plans of the company related to presence of its securities in KASE official list and measures to remove incompliance with listing requirements will be provided by the company after the court makes the decision. quotation end Available on KASE website: - Almaty regional SIEC conclusion - - the copy of Transstroimost application to Almaty regional SIEC on recognition it a bankrupt due to insolvency and application of the rehabilitation procedure - - KASE news of July 24, 2009 "Almaty Regional SIEC started proceeding on Transstroimost (Kazakhstan) bankruptcy" - [2009-07-27]