15.05.09, 14:07
/KASE, May 15, 09/ - Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) informs that in pursuance of the KASE Council decision of May 5, 2009, the KASE Board on May 12 decided from June 1 to October 1, 2009, to test the trading day reduction for "non-liquid" shares. During this test trades in shares will be executed on working days from 15:00 to 17:00 Almaty time. The mentioned test is the KASE activities phase on implementation of the Exchange Development Strategy for 2007-2010, which stipulates that on "non- liquid" shares KASE must create prerequisites for their market activation through concentration of the demand and supply, having reduced the trading day on these shares. As this issue is ambiguous the KASE Council decided to implement the test, upon completion of which will be made a decision on the necessity of changing the regulations of trades in non-liquid shares. In order to define the list of non-liquid shares with the aim of the above mentioned test implementation the exchange developed criteria of defining liquid and non- liquid shares. To the "liquid" category were included shares from KASE official list, which from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009 met the following conditions: - not less than 45 "open" deals for the period; - not less than 25 effective trading days for the period (approximately 10 % from the total number of trading days for the period); - not less than 9 KASE members - parties made for the period "open" deals (approximately 10 % from the total number of KASE category "P" members). The described criteria were approved by the Exchange Council decision of May 5, 2009. For compliance with the mentioned liquidity criteria were checked shares of 79 denominations, present in the official list (as of April 1, 2009 in KASE official list were present shares of 102 denominations, at this on 23 of them trades were not opened). By the check up results shares of 28 denominations complied with the mentioned criteria and shares of 51 denominations did not comply with them. Therefore, from June 1 to October 1, 2009, KASE will change trades regulations on the following "non-liquid" shares: 1) common shares of SAT & Company (trading code - SATC); 2) common shares of ATFBank (trading code - ATFB); 3) common shares of Joint Investment Real Estate Fund Velikaya Stena (trading code - VSTN); 4) common shares of KazTransCom (trading code - KZTC); 5) common shares of Temirleasing (trading code - TMLZ); 6) preferred shares of ORDABASY Corporation (trading code - ORDBp); 7) preferred shares of Kaspi Bank (trading code - CSBNp); 8) preferred shares of Eximbank Kazakhstan (trading code - EXBNp); 9) common shares of Rakhat (trading code - RAHT); 10) preferred shares of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan (trading code - HSBKp); 11) common shares of Danabank (trading code - DNBN); 12) preferred shares of Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium Magnesium Plant (trading code - UTMKp); 13) common shares of Aktobe Oil Equipment Plant (trading code - AZNO); 14) preferred shares of Atameken-Agro (trading code - KATRp); 15) common shares of Insurance Company Kommesk-Omir (trading code - KMSO); 16) common shares of Subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan - Haly - Kazakhinstrakh (trading code - KZIS); 17) common shares Kant (trading code - KANT); 18) preferred shares of KazTransCom (trading code - KZTCp); 19) common shares of Chimpharm (trading code - CHFM); 20) preferred shares of Chimpharm (trading code - CHFMp); 21) common shares of Pavlodar Regional Electric Distribution Company (trading code - PDES); 22) common shares of ROSA (trading code - ROSA); 23) common shares of REMIX-R (trading code - RMXR); 24) common shares of Subsidiary of Joint stock company BTA Bank Insurance company London-Almaty (trading code - LNAT); 25) preferred shares of Tsesnabank (trading code - TSBNp); 26) preferred shares of Kazcat (trading code - ZERDp); 27) common shares of Sumbe (trading code - SUMB); 28) common shares of ASTEL (trading code - ASTL); 29) common shares of GLOTUR (trading code - GLOT); 30) preferred shares of Nurbank (trading code - NRBNp6); 31) common shares of KRTH ZANGAR (trading code - ZNGR); 32) preferred shares of KRTH ZANGAR (trading code - ZNGRp); 33) common shares of Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries (trading code - ATOL); 34) common shares of Kazakh distribution company (trading code - KZDK); 35) common shares of Ornek XXI (trading code - ORNK); 36) common shares of SENIM-BANK (trading code - SNBN); 37) common shares of Shymkent Munai Onimderi (trading code - SHMO); 38) common shares of AstanaGasService (trading code - ASZS); 39) common shares of AMF Group (trading code - AKFI); 40) common shares of ASIA AVTO (trading code - ASAV); 41) common shares of Astana-Nedvizhimost (trading code - ASND); 42) preferred shares of Astana-Nedvizhimost (trading code - ASNDp); 43) common shares of ASIA SUGAR (trading code - ASSA); 44) common shares of Bayan Sulu (trading code - BSUL); 45) common shares of EKOTON+ (trading code - EKTN); 46) common shares of Atameken-Agro (trading code - KATR); 47) common shares of Karaganda Asbestos and Cement Production Plant (trading code - KAZI); 48) preferred shares of Karaganda Asbestos and Cement Production Plant (trading code - KAZIp); 49) common shares of Mangistaumunaigaz (trading code - MMGZ); 50) common shares of RTS Decaux (trading code - RTCP); 51) preferred shares of Corporation Tsesna (trading code - TSNAp). [2009-05-15]