Shareholders of Aktobemunai-finance JSC (Kazakhstan) elected the new Board of directors and include changes and additions in company charter, as a result of rename

18.04.08, 18:34
/IRBIS, Raushan Tundybayeva, April 18, 08/ - Aktobemunai-finance JSC (Aktobe, hereinafter - the company), whose securities are traded in Kazakhstan stock exchange's (KASE) official "B" listing category, has presented KASE a copy of protocol of the prescheduled general meeting of its shareholders, dated March 14, 2008. In compliance with agenda of the meeting, shareholders of the company took following decisions: - to terminate authorities of members of the Board of directors and elect the new Board of directors with term of office of 5 years with the following staff: Baysyrymov B., Bizhanov A., Perevezentsev L., Umbetova A., Shutov V; - to include changes and additions in company charter with new name AMF Group JSC; - to confirm company Board of Directors decision, dated August 1, 2007, August 17, 2007 about company participation in Kandiagashskaya GTES activity. To inform companies directors about huge deal performing in republican newspaper Egemen Kazakhstan. [2008-04-18]