Issue, circulation and maturity terms of KZ2C0Y07C826 (SATCb1) bonds of SAT & Company JSC (Kazakhstan)

04.01.08 20:36
/IRBIS, Dinara Mukasheva, January 4, 08/ - Following is the characteristics of KZ2C0Y07C826 bonds of SAT & Company JSC (Almaty), which is given in accordance with their inclusion in Kazakhstan stock exchange's (KASE) official "B" listing category. Data is shown in accordance with conclusion of KASE's Listing commission and prospect of bonds' issue. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Type of securities: bonds with floating coupon rate Debt type: unsecured Currency of the issue and servicing Kazakhstan tenge (KZT) ----------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of bonds' program in state register: C82 Date of bonds' program registration: December 11, 07 National identification number: KZ2C0Y07C826 Bondholders' register maintenance BCC Invest JSC - daughter organization of Bank CenterCredit JSC (Almaty) ----------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Face value of bond: KZT100 Issue volume in issue currency: 15,000,000,000 Issue volume in securities: 150,000,000 Circulation start date: January 3, 08 Circulation term: 7 years Offering term: during the whole circulation term Register fixation date at maturity: January 2, 15 Maturity start date: January 3, 15 Maturity term: during 10 calendar days, after day next after register fixation day ----------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coupon interest rate: 12.00% APR of face value for first circulation year; starting from second - floating, depending from inflation rate in Kazakhstan Dates of register fixation for coupon payments: Beginning of July 2 and January 2 annually Date of start coupon payment: July 3 and January 3 annually Coupon payments term within 10 calendar days, following the register fixation date Time base for all settlements: 30/360, European method ----------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date of inclusion in KASE trade lists: Janaury 3, 08 Trade code of KASE: SATCb1 Date of first trades: will be determined later Quoting system on KASE: in net prices, % from the face value Accuracy of price changing at quoting: up to 4 decimal figures ----------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit ratings of the issue: absent as of January 3, 08 Credit ratings of the issuer: absent as of January 3, 08 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since second circulation year interest rate is determined by formula: r = i + m, where r - coupon rate; i - inflation, calculated as change of consumer price index (value of index in percents minus 100%), published by Statistics agency of Republic of Kazakhstan for the last 12 years, previous to one month before date of payment of next coupon.); m - fixed margin in size of 2.0% APR. Value of upper limit of rate is set on the level of 14%, lower - at 7%. Publishing of new interest rate is making not later than 3 working days before start of new coupon period. Charging of interest is making since date of circulation begin. Prescheduled maturity and options are not foreseen on these securities. More detailed information about the securities and the issuer is published at [2008-01-04]