KZ1C54620014 (SATC) common shares of SAT & Company JSC (Kazakhstan) have passed through the listing procedure on KASE under "B" category

27.12.07 16:40
/KASE, December 27, 07/ - By the decision of Kazakhstan stock exchange's (KASE) Council dated December 26 of 2007 common shares KZ1C54620014 of SAT & Company JSC (Almaty) have been included in KASE's official "B" listing category under SATC symbol. Date, on which the decision will take effect, will be announced later after the issuer pays the listing fees for these securities. It will be announced additionally about opening of trades on KASE as well. The issue of company's shares was registered by Agency of Republic of Kazakhstan for regulating and supervision over financial market and organizations on October 18, 2006 in amount of 100,000 copies. Issue was included into State register of securities under number A5462. As of December 1, 2007 100,000 common shares for amount of KZT1,884,116 th. were offered. According to charter of SAT & company JSC payment of dividends on its common shares by results of year is making by decision of general meeting of company's shareholders. Dividends on common shares were not charged and paid during whole history of company's existence. Register system of company's shareholders is maintained by Register system of securities JSC (Almaty). Main types of company's activities - wholesale trade with oil products, petrochemical industry, metal-working, aircraft transfers and investments to the most rapidly growing branches of economy: construction, trade with oil products, oil-gas machine construction, metallurgy, petrochemistry and transport. The detailed information about the issue of securities will be published on KASE's website after the mentioned decision of the Exchange council takes effect. [2007-12-27]