Ore mining and processing combine Tort Kudyk JSC (Kazakhstan) did not pay the 1st coupon on bonds KZ2CKY05B833 (TKUDb1)

16.05.07 15:04
/KASE, May 16, 07/ - Ore mining and processing combine Tort Kudyk JSC (Astana) had informed Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE) by official letter that the offering of bonds KZ2CKY05B833 (KASE's category "B" official list, TKUDb1; KZT1,000, KZT2 bn; November 3, 06 - November 3, 11, semi-annual coupon indexed on inflation rate, 12.0% APR for the reported period) was not made since May 3, 2007. by information of the issuer the whole volume of pointed bonds is on the emissive account of the issuer, in connection to it the coupon payment was not made. KASE draws the attention to the fact that it did not validate the information, given in the notification of its source. The person, indicated in the message as the source of the information, is completely responsible for authenticity of published information. Individuals, who want to refute the information, published in this message, must apply to KASE by the corresponding official letter. [2007-05-16]