Small entrepreneurship development fund JSC (Kazakhstan) informed of the 4th coupon payment on its KZ2CKY05B521 (FRMPb1) bonds

02.04.07 19:05
/KASE, April 2, 06/ - Small entrepreneurship development fund JSC (Almaty) has informed Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE) by the official letter that on March 19 2007 the company paid the forth coupon to holders of its KZ2CKY05B521 issue bonds (KASE's official "A" listing category, FRMPb1; KZT1,000, KZT3.0 bn., March 16, 05 - March 16, 10, semiannual coupon indexed on inflation rate, 9.00% APR for the reporting period). According to issuer's message, the amount of the payment totaled KZT135 m. Judging on the mentioned amount of coupon payment, the whole volume of registered bonds of this issue was in circulation by register fixation date (March 15, 07). KASE draws the attention to the fact that it did not validate the information, given in the notification of its source. The person, indicated in the message as the source of the information, is completely responsible for authenticity of published information. Individuals, who want to refute the information, published in this message, must apply to KASE by the corresponding official letter. [2007-04-02]