KASE determined leading operators of stock exchange's share market in Kazakhstan in December and in 2006

05.01.07 21:05
/IRBIS, Natalya Khoroshevskaya, December 5, 06/ - Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE) has determined leading operators of stock exchange's share market in December, 2006. Companies are ranked according to the stake of deals made by it in total gross turnover of trades (total of purchased and sold shares). At that, only operations of purchase and sale in secondary market are taken into account, excluding work of brokers with government blocks of shares (SBS). Position of each participant of trades is expressed in Kazakhstan tenge. A total of 38 companies participated in making shares purchase and sale deals on KASE in December. Below is the list of ten most active operators in descending order of their stakes in total deals volume (all headquarters are in Almaty). Stake of these operators in October was 74.9% of turnover of corresponding sector of stock exchange. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Position in Position in Stake in December November Brief name trade 2006 2006 of company volume, % ----------- ----------- ------------------------------------------- --------- 1 1 Daughter organization of Bank TuranAlem JSC TuranAlem Securities JSC 25.1 2 3 Almaty Investment Management JSC 11.6 3 33 RBNT SECURITIES CJSC 6.5 4 22 Kazkommerts Invest JSC 6.2 5 14 Halyk Finance JSC 5.5 6 13 PAIMO Bailyk asset management JSC 4.4 7 6 Alliance Bank JSC 4.3 8 32 Kazkommerts Securities JSC (daughter organization of Kazkommertsbank JSC) 4.1 9 4 Financial Company "Alliance Capital" JSC 3.8 10 - Temirbank JSC 3.5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RBNT SECURITIES CJSC, Kazkommerts Invest JSC, Halyk Finance JSC, PAIMO Bailyk asset management JSC, Kazkommerts Securities JSC (daughterorganization of Kazkommertsbank JSC) and Temirbank JSC have become the newcomers of "active ten" relative to November 2006, having replaced Bank TuranAlem JSC (Almaty, the second position in November), BANK CASPIAN JSC (Almaty, the fifth position in November), APF of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (Almaty, the seventh position in November), Investment Financial House RESMI JSC (Almaty, the eighth position in November), Perviy Brokerskiy Dom JSC (Almaty, the ninth position in November) and APF SAPF (Almaty, the tenth position in November). Below is similar table of the most active KASE's members of "P" and "H" categories in the sector in 2006. A total of 51 companies participated in making deals in this period. The stake of "the best ten" was 65.6% of gross- turnover of deals of shares purchase and sale on KASE. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Posi- Brief name of Stake in gross tion company volume of trades, % ----- --------------------------------------- ------------------- 1 Daughter organization of Bank TuranAlem TuranAlem Securities JSC 18.1 2 Bank TuranAlem JSC 8.7 3 Investment Financial House RESMI JSC 6.7 4 APF SAPF 6.0 5 Financial company REAL-INVEST.kz JSC 5.5 6 PAIMO Bailyk asset management JSC 5.4 7 Almaty Investment Management JSC 4.4 8 BCC Invest JSC (daughter organization of Bank CentreCredit) 3.7 9 Kazakhstan financial company 3.6 10 KG Securities JSC 3.5 ------------------------------------------------------------------- [2007-01-05]