Centras Securities JSC (Kazakhstan) informed of start of passing bids for purchase of KZ2C0Y07C321 (ISKEb1) bonds of ISKE SAT COMPANY JSC (Kazakhstan)

29.12.06 21:42
/KASE, December 29, 06/ - Centras Securities JSC (Almaty), which is the member of Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE), today spread a press release of the following content (at citing titles of listing companies letters of Kazakh alphabet for technical reasons were replaced by letters of Roman and Russian alphabets by the procedure, customary at preparation of KASE's news). Quotation start On December 15, 2006 bonds of ISKE SAT COMPANY JSC were included in the official "B" listing category of Kazakhstan stock exchange JSC. Issue volume - KZT1, 000,000,000 (one billion), term - 7 years, interest rate (of the coupon) is equal to 10 % APR of face value. Centras Securities JSC is the financial consultant and the underwriter of the first issue of bonds of ISKE SAT COMPANY JSC. "The given issue of bonds is the first for the Company and is directed to borrowing investments for acquisition of the new up-to-date equipment for production of corrugated cardboard and corrugated package, and also for refinancing earlier borrowed credit funds," informed Bauirzhan Bitimbayev, the President of ISKE SAT COMPANY JSC. ISKE SAT COMPANY JSC is the manufacturing company, which produces corrugated cardboard and corrugated package. Centras Securities JSC is the investment company and renders a wide range of financial and investment services, including broker service, management of assets, and also services for organizing financing by means of issuing and offering securities and bills, as well as banking financing for Kazakhstan companies. At present time Centras Securities JSC started passing bids for purchase of bonds of ISKE SAT COMPANY JSC. Press service of Centras Securities JSC and ISKE SAT COMPANY JSC Quotation end [2006-12-29]