Issue, circulation and maturity terms of KZ2C0Y07C321 (ISKEb1) bonds of ISKE SAT COMPANY JSC (Kazakhstan)

20.12.06 22:15
/IRBIS, Sergey Yakovlev, December 20, 06/ - Following is the characteristics of KZ2C0Y07C321 bonds of ISKE SAT COMPANY (Almaty), which is given in accordance with their inclusion in Kazakhstan stock exchange's (KASE) official "B" listing category. Data is shown in accordance with conclusion of KASE's Listing commission and prospect of issue of bonds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Type of securities: bonds with fixed coupon rate Debt type: unsecured Issue and servicing Kazakhstan tenge (KZT) currency: ------------------------------------ ----------------------------------- National identification number: KZ2C0Y07C321 Issue's number in the state register C32 Register bondholders Center DAR JSC (Almaty) maintenance: Financial consultant: Centras Securities JSC (Almaty) ------------------------------------ ----------------------------------- Date of issue registration November 30, 06 Face value of a bond KZT1000 Issue volume in issue currency: 1,000,000,000 Issue volume in securities: 1,000,000 Date of circulation start: December 15, 06 Circulation term: 7 years Offering term: 3 years Register fixation date at maturity: as of beginning of December 14, 15 Maturity start date: December 15, 15 Maturity term: within 10 working days, since the day of finishing of period of bonds' circulation ------------------------------------ ----------------------------------- Coupon rate: 10.0% APR from face value Register fixation dates for coupons as of beginning of June 14 and payment: December 14 annually Coupons payment start dates: June15 and December 15 each year Term of coupon payments: within 10 working days after finishing of period of circulation, for which payment is making ------------------------------------ ----------------------------------- Time basis at all settlements: 30/360, European method Date of admittance in trade December 15, 06 lists of KASE: Trade code of KASE: ISKEb1 Date of first trades: will be determined later Quoting system on KASE: in net prices, % from the face value Accuracy of price changing in up to 4 decimal places quoting: ------------------------------------ ----------------------------------- Credit ratings of the issue: absent as of December 15, 06 Credit ratings of the issuer: absent as of December 15, 06 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Detailed information about the issuer and the securities is available on KASE's web-site at [2006-12-20]