KZPC1Y07C299 bonds of Eximbank Kazakhstan JSC (Kazakhstan) have been included in "A" listing category of KASE since December 12, 2006 under the code EXBNb1

12.12.06 18:07
/KASE, December 12, 06/ - By the decision of Kazakhstan stock exchange's (KASE) Council dated December 8 of 2006 KZPC1Y07C299 bonds of Eximbank Kazakhstan JSC (Almaty) (KZT100, KZT10.0 bn., November 12, 06 - November 12, 13; semi-annual coupon, 9.0% APR, 30/360) were included into KASE's official "A" listing category under EXBNb1 symbol. The specified decision has taken the effect since December 12, 2006, as the issuer paid the listing fee stipulated for the given securities. Information about opening of trades in the bonds on KASE will also be given later. The specified issue of bonds is the first within the frameworks of the first bonds program of Eximbank Kazakhstan JSC, having been registered by the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for regulation and supervision of the financial market and financial organizations, on October 12 2006 for the total of KZT30.0 bn., and the first issue of the bank's bonds, which passed through the listing procedure of KASE. BCC Invest JSC - daughter organization of Bank CenterCredit JSC (Almaty) acted as the financial consultant of the issuer to bring the shares to the organized market. Detailed information about the securities issue and the issuer will be available on KASE's web site at [2006-12-12]