Issue, circulation and maturity terms of bonds KZ2CKY05B833 (TKUDb1) of Ore mining and processing enterprise Tort Kudyk JSC (Kazakhstan)

03.11.06 23:24
/IRBIS, Assel Omarova, November 3, 06/ - Following is the characteristics of bonds KZ2CKY05B833 of Ore mining ad processing enterprise Tort Kudyk JSC (Astana), which is given in accordance with their inclusion in Kazakhstan stock exchange's (KASE) official "B" listing category. Data is given in accordance with conclusion of KASE's Listing commission and Specification of the bond issue. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Type of securities: bonds with floating coupon rate Debt type: unsecured Issue and servicing currency: Kazakhstan tenge (KZT) --------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Issue number in state register: В83 Date of registration of the issue December 23, 05 National identification number KZ2CKY05B833 Register maintenace Reestr JSC (Almaty) --------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Bond's face value: KZT1,000 Issue volume in issue currency: 2,000,000,000 Issue volume in securities: 2,000,000 Circulation start date (issue date): November 3, 06 Circulation term: 5 years Offering term: during the whole circulation period Register fixation date at maturity: November 2, 11 Maturity date: November 3, 11 Maturity term: 10 working days since the expiration date of bonds circulation period --------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Coupon: for the first circulation year is 12.0% APR, afterwards - floating, depending on inflation rate in Kazakhstan Register fixation dates for coupon payments: May 2 and November 3 annually Coupons payment start dates: May 3 and November 3 annually Term of coupon payments: 10 working days since the last day of the period, for which the payment is made Times basis at all settlements: 30/360, European method --------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Date of inclusion in KASE's trade lists November 3, 06 Symbol on KASE: TKUDb1 Date of first trades: to be determined later Quoting system on KASE: in net prices, % from the face value Accuracy of price changing in quoting: 4 decimal figures Market-maker on KASE Financial company JSC (Almaty) Issue credit ratings: absent as of November 3, 06 Issuer's credit ratings: absent as of November 3, 06 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The coupon payment from the second circulation year of bonds (from the third coupon period) is reconsidered every 6 months and is calculated by the formula: r = (I - 100)+m, where i - inflation rate, calculated as increase/decrease of consumer price index, published by Statistics agency of Kazakhstan for last 12 months, preceding two months until the date of the next coupon payment, m - the fixed margin, which makes 5.0% during the whole circulation term of bonds. Maximal coupon value is 15% APR. Minimal coupon value - 5.0%. Advanced repayment of bonds and pre-term purchase are not provided. More detailed information about the securities was published on KASE's web-site at [2006-11-03]