Bonds KZ2PKY05B833 of Tort Kudyk LLP (Kazakhstan) have been included into KASE's official "B" listing category since November 3 under TKUDb1 symbol

03.11.06 17:08
/KASE, November 3, 06/ - By decision of Kazakhstan stock exchange's (KASE) Council dated October 12, 2006 bonds KZ2PKY05B833 of Ore mining and processing combine Tort Kudyk LLP (Astana, further - OMPC Tort Kudyk LLP) (KZT1,000, KZT2.0 bn., November 3, 06 - November 3, 11, semi-annual coupon, 12.0% APR for the first year of circulation, further - floating, depending on inflation rate in Kazakhstan, 30/360) were included into KASE's official "A" listing category under CCBNb14 symbol. The mentioned decision of Exchange Council has taken effect since November 3, 2006, because the issuer had paid KASE the listing fee for those securities. Trades opening in mentioned bonds on KASE will be announced later. Detailed information about the issuer and its securities will be published on KASE's web site at in the nearest future. [2006-11-03]