Interest rate for the 3rd coupon period on KZ2PKY03B580 (KATRb1) issue bonds of KazAgroTrade+ LLP is 15.90% APR

14.06.06 22:32
/KASE, June 14, 06/ - KazAgroTrade+ LLP (Astana) has informed Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE) with an official letter that the interest rate for the third coupon period on company's KZ2PKY03B580 issue bonds (KASE's official "B" listing category, KATRb1; KZT1,000, KZT2.0 bn.; June 23, 05 - June 23, 08, semiannual coupon indexed on inflation rate, 30/360) is 15.90% APR. In the current coupon period interest rate on bonds of this issue was 14.00% APR. [2006-06-14]