Trade Information

For local brokers and dealers

For local brokers and dealers

KASE offers to managing and investment companies, banks, brokerage and insurance companies access to 700+ instruments, technical solutions and DMA.

Get to know in detail, how to acquire membership and possibility of executing trading deals on KASE floor

Participation in trading

Only KASE members of respective categories may take par in trading on KASE.

KASE offers three categories of membership. An organization can become a member of the securities market, the foreign currency market or derivatives market depending on financial instruments in which it is interested. Also, there is a possibility to participate in two or three categories simultaneously.

According to the current law, only professional participants of Exchange can participate in trading. Other parties, who are not professional participants of the stock market, may take a part in trading only as a clients of KASE memebers.

Admission to kase membership

More detailed description of the procedure of obtaining the KASE member status is available here

Requirements for candidates of kase memerbship

Requirements for candidates of kase memerbship
Documents subject to provision by candidates for KASE foreign membership

Trading technologies

Get to know more about trading technologies and KASE connection systems