Trade Information

For private investors

For private investors

The main purpose of management of personal welfare of each human is to save and increment. The stock market offers instruments for successful management of personal finance.

Get more details as on how to efficiently use the stock market's opportunities for reaching financial welfare


Before you start trading on the stock market, you have to determine three signifcant factors for yourself:

  • how much money you would be prepared to invest in stock market instruments;
  • the term for which you would like to invest your money in financial instruments;
  • what is more important to you: to save and increment or risk and earn quickly


Choosing a broker

  • Broker is your consultant in the process of investing. Before you make any decision on cooperating with a certain broker, it would be useful for you to learn about his/her position in the broker's activity ranking and his/her KASE awards;
  • Broker may sugget you to learn about investment, provide an advice and analytical materials about stock market;
  • You may meet several brokers and choose the most appropriate one. Depending on the investment purposes, you may enter into service contracts with several brokers;
  • Broker's services are chargeable

Choice of strategy

You should discuss your future plans, preferences and financial capacities with your broker. As a result of the discussion, you need to arrive at a clearly elaborated strategy, which you will follow and upon which you will act. It is important to have a clear operational strategy in place to be successful on the stock market like in any other spheres of life.

Terms of service

You need to enquire about terms of your cooperation from a broker (broker's rates, documents, terms of information exchange). You need to clearly understand which documents you need to provide to a broker and which ones the broker provides to you.

Entering into service contract

If you have chosen a broker, contact him/her to sign a brokerage service contract (you will require identification documents). Usually, a broker may suggest two cooperation options: ordinary brokerage service and fiduciary management of assets

  • Under the ordinary brokerage service arrangement, you make all decisions relating to the choice of a financial instrument, purchase and sales of financial instruments on your own. The broker's task in this form of cooperation would be accurate fulfillment of your orders.
  • Under fiduciary management of assets arrangement, it is the broker who makes all decisions relating to the choice of a financial instrument, purchase and sales of financial instruments but within the limits of your approved strategy and contractual terms

Software setup

Trading terminal is the main tool for working on the stock market. After signing the service contract, the broker will suggest you to install and configure a trading terminal on your computer

You will need to transfer the amount of initial investments

You will need to transfer the desired part of monetary assets for crediting them to your trading account

Purchase of securities

You may purchase securities and use them in accordance with your investment strategy as you now have an installed trading terminal, Internet access and monetary assets on your trading account