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For institutional investors

For institutional investors

Get to know in detail, how you can efficiently use opportunities of the stock market to reach financial stability and independence for your business


Information flows away in a split second, situations and events often unfold against expectations; the management is requested to quickly respond to new challenges taking into account many factors. In such conditions reliable, proved and at the same time efficient instruments are needed

For institutional investors

Management of financial flows
The company's financial wellbeing depends directly on the quality of financial flows management.
Liquidity management
The stock market offers alternative liquidity management instruments instead of conventional bank loans and deposits.
Currency risks hedging
In times of rapidly changing market conditions the one will win who managed to timely account for and hedge his risks.


Direct Market Access (DMA) is a set of software and hardware of a KASE member that communicates with KASE's trading system and is designed for conclusion of deals based on client orders of DMA-clients

DMA is aimed at institutional investors and traders implementing algorithmic and high-frequency strategies on the stock market. DMA-clients of a broker may send orders

DMA-clients of a broker can send orders immediately to KASE's trading system and receive market data very quickly, using advanced technical solutions.

Clients' orders are generated by DMA-clients independently (without immediate participation of KASE members) using DMA systems and are forwarded to KASE members through DMA systems in electronic form. DMA-clients' orders are liable for accelerated procedures of registration, checking, verification, accounting and execution of client orders.


  • Income from transactions with securities officially listed on KASE and made on KASE trading platform using open trades method is fully exempt from taxation
  • If corporate securities are not included in KASE official list, all incomes on such securities are subject to taxation according to the specified procedure.
  • If corporate securities are included in KASE official list, but deals in such securities were executed not on KASE trading floor, the income from value growth on such securities is subject to taxation according to the specified procedure. However, interest income on such securities is tax exempt
  • Transactions in government securities are fully tax exempt

You can obtain more detailed clarifications from government authorities or read respective articles from the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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