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Online project "KASE: History in faces"

Published interviews in 2021: (in Russian)
Madina Abylkasymova
Financial sector reforms have ensured its consistent and dynamic development
Aliya Moldabekova
The infrastructure of KASE meets the expectations of investors and is able to provide high-quality service

Published interviews in the framework of the project "KASE: History in faces" (in Russian):
Kadyrzhan Damitov
We had to make uneasy decisions
Natalya Khoroshevskaya
We were all "universal" soldiers"
Bolat Zhamishev
At a new round of growth
Damir Karasaev
The period of free development of the exchange happened in my lifetime
Umut Shayakhmetova
We moved in the wake of market reforms
Idel Sabitov
Fixing, Clipper, and further IT-NEXT
Azat Nukushev
There was an absolute novelty and sweeping reforms
Alexander Gavrilyuk
In the beginning there was the word. And the National Bank said this word. The word was - "EXCHANGE"
Vladislav Lee
Entrepreneurship and initiative drive the market
Sholpan Ainabaeva
By the will of fate we stood at the origins
Alexey Kuprin
The integration potential of exchanges
Saduakas Mameshtegi
Risk management is relevant at all times.
Yulia Yakupbaeva
There is no full-fledged economy without a stock market
Ermek Mazhekenov
KASE – a choice for life
Elena Bakhmutova
The regulator has always heard the voice of the market
Bolat Babenov
Exchange innovations outperform the market
Oraz Zhandosov
It is impossible to nationalize what started with a market initiative
Kairat Turmagambetov
The history of the country is mainly the history of people
Anvar Saydenov
Kazakhstan was initially interesting for investors
Evgeny Mukhamedzhanov
20 years with KASE: student, general director, managing director
Daniyar Akishev
It all started from scratch
Yeszhan Birtanov
The focal point of market principles: transparency, competitiveness, progressiveness
Gulzhan Karagusova
We tried to do everything right
Vyacheslav Kononenko
In С++
Gulnara Sakhipova
We were young creative enthusiasts
Dmitry Zherebyatiev
How the "pence" went to the market
Aigul Kaldybaeva
It all started with the simplest Argocom system
Andrey Karjagin
Investing experience in result
Maria Hadzhieva
Half of life associated with the securities market
Bakytzhan Konkashev
For a quarter of a century, my every working day begins with KASE news
Nurzhan Alimuhambetov
The success of the stock market is provided by a balance of its participants' interests
Galina Tsalyuk
The exchange is not just the workplace, the exchange is destiny
Azamat Dzholdasbekov
We were realists with the goal of making everything that we do work
Oleg Tsurkan
Missed opportunities of Blue Chip
Aigul Tasbolat
The stock market is a novelty, dynamics, development
Timur Turlov
We came with faith in the potential of Kazakhstan's stock market
Andrey Tsalyuk
News always represent commercial value
Talgat Kamarov
Frontier market with inevitable growth
Victor Kyshpanakov
KASE entered a new IT development vector