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Webinar "Stock Market: Covering Competently" for media representatives

Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE ) on August 5, 2020, together with the training project on improvement of financial literacy of the Agency for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market of the Republic of Kazakhstan (ARDFM) and in partnership with the resource and Media School of the MediaNet ICJ held an online seminar "Stock Market: Covering Competently" for representatives of mass media.

The webinar’s speakers touched upon the following topics:
- How does the stock market of Kazakhstan work?
- How does the state regulation of the stock market work (legal features)?
- How to understand stock figures and terms?
- What projects on financial literacy are being implemented by the financial regulator?
- How to use information on the websites of ARDFM and KASE?

The event is designed to improve media workers’ knowledge of finance, which will enable the end consumer of information to obtain high-quality and useful content.

Program of the webinar (in Russian).

Presentations (in Russian):
- Kazakhstan Stock Exchange: a brief overview of the company, exchange markets and operations, Deputy Chairman of the Board of KASE Natalya Khoroshevskaya;
- Working with the KASE website , head of the analysis Unit of the information and statistics Department of KASE Tamara Shadiyeva;
- The main directions and prospects of the stock market development , the head of development of the securities market Department (ARDFM) Alexander Kamchatnyi;
- "Stock market: covering competently", chief specialist of monitoring of financial products Department( ARDFM) Dmitriy Akmaev.