Trade Information

Seminar "Stock market fundamentals" (February)

On February 5, 2020, KASE held an outreach seminar on the topic "Stock market fundamentals."

The purpose of the seminar is to raise awareness among employees of Kazakhstani companies on the stock market of Kazakhstan. Training program will help participants gain practical knowledge on stock market fundamentals and gain information on the use of financial instruments in financial flows management of a company.

Kairat Turmagambetov, Managing Director for Development and a member of KASE Management Board delivered a presentation on the topic "Introduction to stock market infrastructure". During his speech, he talked about the Exchange’s work and how the business can raise additional financing at the securities market.

Also, there were the following speakers at the seminar: Talgat Kamarov, Managing Director of Centras Capital Group, with a presentation on the topic "The main stages of issuance and placement of shares and bonds on KASE" and Zhuldyzgul Mazhirina, the head of Foreign Securities Department of KASE, with a presentation on the topic "Listing of securities on the Exchange: from start-up to blue chips."

Speakers told about types of securities, and revealed the essence of the primary and secondary securities markets, analyzed the methods of analysis of securities and answered participants’ questions.

Live webcast on the Exchange’s official account on Facebook was provided for workshop participants from other cities. The workshop was held free-of-charge for all interested people.