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Webinar "Stock market fundamentals"

KASE conducted a webinar "Stock market fundamentals" jointly with website on June 28, 2019.

The webinar provided an opportunity to raise awareness about domestic stock market; it provided knowledge about stock market fundamentals and the use of financial instruments both in managing company's financial flows and in investment.

The program allowed participants gain fundamental knowledge about the infrastructure of the domestic stock market, about the opportunities and procedures for entering the stock market and investment opportunities. It also gave an opportunity to ask questions to KASE specialists, thereby gain practical knowledge about the fundamentals of the stock market and the use of financial instruments in the management of a company's financial flows.

Webinar program:
• Introduction: Stock market infrastructure
• About Kazakhstan Stock Exchange
• How a company can raise money on the stock market
• How to trade on the stock market

Speaker - Azamat Ismagulov, Chief Specialist of the Department of Issuers and Investors, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange.

Link to the webinar recording (in Russian).