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Refinitiv Day on KASE: Relationship between investors and issuers

KASE held a workshop "Refinitiv Day on KASE. Relationships between investors and issuers" together with Refinitiv on April 24, 2019.

- Luke Manning, Head of Sustainable and Strategic Initiatives Refinitiv - What does sustainability mean to you?: From one to three dimensional risk rating view. Challenges and opportunities of sustainable development.
- Nikita Pavlov, Head of Capital Markets for Central / Eastern Europe and the CIS Refinitiv - Trends in Corporate Analysis: Evolution of Issuer Analysis. How technology affects investor decisions.
- Victor Litvinov, director of monitoring department of KASE - Information disclosure and ESG in Kazakhstan: Information disclosure tools. Sustainable Development Goals and ESG.

At the event, the speakers talked about corporate analysis trends, how technology affects investors' decisions, what disclosure tools exist and focused on the challenges and opportunities for sustainable development and ESG principles.