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Seminar "Investor Relations: Effective communications with investors" (March)

KASE held seminar "Investor Relations: Effective communications with investors" on March 19, 2019.

IR-specialists told how Kazakh companies interact with investors, informed the participants about main tasks of IR, its tools, and presented possible models of communication with this target audience at the time of the initial offering.

There were the following speakers at the workshop: Daniyar Shugaev, Investor Relations Manager, KEGOC, Asel Karaulova, CEO of PG Communications, President of Kazakhstan Press Club, Nikita Pavlov, Head of Business Development of Eastern European and CIS of Refinitiv, Viktor Litvinov, Head of Monitoring Department of KASE.

The purpose of Investor Relations is to increase the company's market capitalization. IR provides an opportunity to determine the place and role of investors and shareholders in the development of the company. One of the main results of the use of IR technologies is to make their relationships more efficient and predictable.

Professional work in the field of Investor relations helps prevent conflicts between shareholders and investors, which can lead to a fall in the value of the company's shares. This project was initiated by the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange in order to improve knowledge and skills in the field of investor relations.

Presentations (in Russian):
Effective IR-system and KASE;
Role and place of the IR service in the company;
IR: effective communication with investors;
The specifics of communications in preparation for IPO and post-IPO.