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KASE Talks - Open Lectures (June)

Kazakhstan Stock Exchange launched KASE Talks open lecture series with participation of distinguished Kazakhstani financiers who have made significant contribution to the making of and development of the financial market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The guest of KASE Talks on June 21, 2019 was Sanzhar Kettebekov, CEO of the Autonomous Cluster Fund Innovation Technology Park, which is the governing body of Tech Garden, the national innovation cluster.

Sanzhar Kettebekov has an extensive work experience in IT industry and investments, including extensive research experience. Kettebekov's track record includes work in global IT consulting with Fortune 500 companies, as well as developing search interfaces for Yahoo! and crisis management systems for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York City.

Sanzhar Kettebekov holds a doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and is a former researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Lecture topic: "New FinTech, potential for use in the industrial data market."

The purpose of KASE Talks is to raise awareness of the broad public audience on the conditions in which the financial market of the country has emerged and main factors that affected its development.

The objective of KASE Talks is to promote the financial market of Kazakhstan further and to provide information on the Exchange’s activities and the stock market as a whole.

KASE lectures are free to attend.

Photos from the event (Facebook).

Video of the event (YouTube, in Russian).