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Conference "Annual reports and corporate governance"

The Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) and the QRA Rating Agency held the conference "Annual reports and corporate governance." Our experts presented the results of the study of Kazakhstani annual reports, shared useful recommendations for the next year, and talked about the connection of transparency with corporate governance.

High-quality communication with wide range of stakeholders, and accountability, create trust in the company, which allows to improve the efficiency of its work (for example, through greater employee engagement and more productive work with partners), as well as reduce risks (for example, through obtaining a "social license" to conduct business). This creates beneficial environment for sustainable development of an organization.

The degree of transparency, however, is an important indicator of the level of corporate governance in the Company. The quality of relations with stakeholders and the Company's business conditions will depend to a great extent on how efficiently can the management ensure transparency and efficiency of the decision-making process, and whether it can show readiness for open dialogue.

Target audience: IR-specialists of companies; PR professionals, corporate secretaries and other employees of companies, who are responsible for preparing annual report and deal with this process in one way or another.

Key topics:
- Information disclosure standards: why they help and do not limit.
- Transparency in corporate governance system: a message for your management.
- How should we talk about sustainable development and why we can't do without now?
- Effective communication with stakeholders: why is design a necessity?
- The practice of preparing Kazakhstani annual reports: main successes and opportunities for further development.

Date: December 13, 2019

Meeting venue: 280 Baizakova St., Northern Tower of the Almaty Towers multifunctional complex, city of Almaty.

The award ceremony for the winners of the "Competition of Annual Reports and Sustainability Reports" was held within the framework of the conference.