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KASE conference "Kazakhstan: Local Markets Development" in London

The conference "Kazakhstan: Local Markets Development" organized by the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) together with the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Citi was held on December 5, 2019. The purpose of the event was to inform foreign institutional investors about Kazakhstan stock market’s potential and about ways of obtaining access to it.

The following topics were discussed as part of the event: Macroeconomic Review and Kazakhstan's Investment Opportunities and Instruments in Local Currency and Market Infrastructure Development. Conference speakers were representatives of KASE, the National Bank of Kazakhstan, Citi, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Clearstream Banking S.A. and Amundi Asset Management. The speakers have shared information with participants on macroeconomic situation in Kazakhstan and KASE markets, on the investment potential of the real sector of the economy, on the advantages of the stock and money markets and on the changes in Kazakhstan's capital market infrastructure. The access for foreign participants to Kazakhstan's capital market was also addressed during the event.

Alina Aldambergen, the chairman of the KASE Management Board said: "KASE is a universal trading platform that applies best exchange practices and offers wide range of financial instruments to trading participants for raising funds and for managing liquidity. KASE is working on developing the stock market of Kazakhstan in partnership with leading local and foreign financial institutions and it is open to new market participants and partners. KASE’s development strategy for the next three years, which was adopted this year, aims to modernize current IT systems, to build well established market infrastructure by introducing a central counterparty in all KASE markets, to increase stock market’s liquidity and depth and to implement sustainable development principles. Successful implementation of the strategy will help KASE become more attractive and reliable platform for participants and investors."

Major institutional investors and other professional market participants were invited to the conference.

Conference program.

KASE Markets Overview;
Macro Outlook_and Investment Opportunity in Kazakhstan;
Money Market Development in Kazakhstan;
Launching CCP in KASE Markets;
Setting Link to Kazakhstan Local Markets;
Expanded Distribution of Local Debt Securities in a Depositary Receipt Format;
Why Atractive to Invest in Kazakhstan.