Trade Information

KASE Day in Aktobe

On September 26, 2019, KASE held a business breakfast "KASE Day in Aktobe" for entrepreneurs of Aktobe Region and the city of Aktobe and partners of the Exchange.

The event was held at 12:00 o’clock Aktobe time at the address: City Hall, City Restaurant Lounge, 3rd floor, building City Shopping Center, 21L building, 12th microdistrict, town of Aktobe.

A training seminar was held for media representatives as part of the business breakfast.

The event presented an opportunity to familiarize with main areas of the Exchange's strategy, discuss new products and trends with our experts, to learn about new opportunities opening for business in the stock market of Kazakhstan.

The business breakfast was held with the participation of the leadership of the Aktobe region's local administration, the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Atameken in Aktobe Region, the Damu Fund, the largest enterprises of the region and representatives of the media.