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Electronic version of KASE book "Building the Future"

On January 17, 2019, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) presented the book "Building the Future" devoted to the history of the Exchange and the financial market of Kazakhstan. The book has been published in three languages. The publication of the book was dedicated to the 25th anniversary, which was celebrated by KASE in November 2018. On this page you may read the book online.

Болашақтың құрылу тарихы Как создавалось будущее Building the Future
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The book describes the history of Kazakhstan’s financial market and the Exchange since 1993 - the year when KASE was founded. KASE archive materials, open sources, as well as memories of more than 50 financial market professionals were used in its preparation.

We are grateful to everyone who responded to the Exchange’s request to participate in our project. It helped fully and accurately reconstruct historical context of KASE development and recapture the atmosphere of most important events.

The book was published in more than 1,000 copies. The book is aimed at a wide range of readers: from financial market professionals and teachers of economic universities to students, novice investors and all those who are interested in the history of Kazakhstan's financial system.

The book was published by the KAZAKHSTANIKA National Branding Agency, which took an active part in writing the text, in the design and printing.

Freedom Finance, BCC Invest (a subsidiary of Bank CentreCredit) and Sky Bridge Invest provided support in the publication of the book.