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KASE Issuer’s Day dedicated to KEGOC JSC

On September 05, 2019, the KASE hosted the meeting of the management of JSC with investors, professional participants of the securities market and representatives of the media.

The company has 33,587 individuals in its shareholder structure, or 3.1% (as of July 1, 2019) of the total number of shareholders. The company has been active and open to all its shareholders since the beginning of the company's participation in the "People's IPO" program in 2014.

As one of the largest public companies that issue securities, KEGOC regularly participates in the KASE event "Issuer's Day" in order to increase the confidence of investors and shareholders and improve its image, and on its own initiative informs the General public in detail about the stages of its development.

At the meeting, representatives of KEGOC informed the participants of the event about the results of the company's activities for the first half of 2019, presented operational and financial indicators, and informed about promising projects planned for implementation.