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Literary evening as part of the presentation of the book "Building the Future"

On January 17, 2019, the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange held a literary evening as part of the presentation of the book issued to mark the 25th anniversary of KASE.

The book was devoted to the history of KASE and Kazakhstan’s stock market and was published in three languages: in Kazakh "Болашақ құрылу тарихы" (Bolashak kurylu tarihi), in Russian "Как создавалось будущее" (Kak sozdavalos budusheye) and in English "Building the Future".

The book describes the history of the creation and development of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange and Kazakhstan’s stock market starting November 17, 1993. KASE archive materials, open sources, as well as memories of more than 50 financial market professionals, who played a significant role in the making and development of Kazakhstan's financial market and KASE, were used in the preparation of the book.

The book publishers, representatives of the financial market, experts whose interviews were used in the book, managers and employees of the Exchange, as well as the media attended the event.

Detailed information in available in the press release.