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Seminar "How to trade on the stock market"

On December 21, 2018 Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) conducted an education seminar for private investors "How to trade on the stock market".

The purpose of the event is to increase the financial literacy of the population, in particular, the level of awareness of the population of Kazakhstan about the domestic stock market and its capabilities.

Presentations by speakers provided listeners with a complete understanding of the stock market's infrastructure and its basic elements.

The training is aimed at providing detailed information on the types of securities, as well as disclosing the concepts of the primary and secondary securities markets, analysis of methods for analyzing securities, etc. The training seminar also included the interactive game "Financial degustation".

KASE employees and representatives of brokerage companies acted as speakers during the training program.

Brokerage companies (in russian)
IPO и SPO (in russian)
Trading on the stock exchange (in russian)
The main types of securities (in russian)
Fundamentals of securities analysis (in russian)
Kazakhstan Stock Exchange – trading platform for investors (in russian)
Stock market – management of money simply and efficiently (in russian)

If you have any questions about the seminar, please contact the KASE Issuers and Investors Relations Department:
Contacts: +7 (727) 237 53 00 (int. 1153), +7 (727) 237 53 20.