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KASE Talks – open lectures (September)

Kazakhstan Stock Exchange launched KASE Talks open lecture series with participation of distinguished Kazakhstani financiers who have made significant contribution to the making of and development of the financial market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On September 27, 2018, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) held a KASE Talks lecture in honor of its 25th anniversary with the participation of Sholpan Ainabaeva – the Chairperson of the Management Board of SkyBridge Invest JSC, member of the Council of the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan, expert of the Board of Directors of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC, expert of the Board of Directors of Central Securities Depository JSC.

At various stages of her career, Sholpan Ainabaeva worked at many exchange markets, including a stock exchange. It was in the initial periods of activity in these markets, during the early years of Kazakhstan's independence, that Sholpan Ainabaeva established the first exchange rate of the national currency against the US dollar. As the Chairperson of the Management Board of Kazkommerts Securities JSC she led the consulting of KazTransOil JSC, the first issuer of the People's IPO.

At KASE Talks, Sholpan Ainabaeva told the audience in what conditions the offering of the first company took place under the People's IPO, shared useful experience and interesting memories.

The purpose of KASE Talks is to raise awareness of the broad public audience on the conditions in which the financial market of the country has emerged and main factors that affected its development.

The objective of KASE Talks is to promote the financial market of Kazakhstan further and to provide information on the Exchange’s activities and the stock market as a whole.

KASE lectures are free to attend.

Photos from the event (Facebook).

Video of the event (YouTube, in Russian).