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KASE Issuer Day dedicated to KEGOC

On April 17, 2018, KASE held an "Issuer's Day" dedicated to KEGOC JSC.

Aybek Botabekov, Managing Director of Finance and Accounting of KEGOC, informed the audience about the results of KEGOC's operating and financial activities for 2017, the development strategy and important events of the company and investment projects. He also showed the main factors and risks affecting the company's financial position and the dynamics of the change of KEGOC’s stock prices for 2017.

The purpose of holding the "Issuer's Day" at KASE is to increase interest in the Issuer from investors and establish feedback between the Issuer and its shareholders. Such events are held on a regular basis for all KASE issuers whose securities are liquid and, accordingly, for which investors may have questions. үшін тұрақты түрде өткізіледі.

Photos from the event (Facebook)