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Workshop for the Kazakh-language journalists "Sources of Market Data"

The workshop for young and novice Kazakh-speaking journalists organized in cooperation with Iskerlik Journalism Mektebi as part of an important area of operations of KASE on improving the financial literacy and the investment culture of the population was held in the conference room of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange on June 29, 2017.

During the training, the students received useful information about the stock market, about the activities of KASE, learned how to effectively use the Exchange's website, identify and interpret trends on KASE. Also, young journalists visited the trading floor of the Exchange and learned about exchange trading procedure.

The lecture was conducted by Andrey Tsalyuk, Deputy Chairman of KASE Management Board, and Aigerim Yestemirova, a specialist of the KASE Trading Department.

Program of the event (in Russian)