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Seminar "Essentials of corporate governance"

On October 5, 2017, a seminar called "Essentials of corporate governance" was held in Almaty, organized by Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) for local companies.

The event highlighted issues of applying international corporate governance practices in Kazakhstan, examined shortcomings in building a management and control system in a company, the role of the board of directors/supervisory board in creating additional value for the company, and issues of information security of the company.

The purpose of the event is to provide practical knowledge about the main points in introducing corporate governance and increasing the transparency of Kazakh companies in cooperation with external professional consultants.

The main speakers at the event were leading experts and consultants of IFC Kazakhstan and Governance & Management Consulting LLP Adalyat Abdumanapova and Gradislava Akhmetova, and the head of KASE's Monitoring department Viktor Litvinov.

Presentations in Russian:
Disclosure of information and ensuring transparency – the basis of the company's sustainability, KASE , KASE;
Training program "Essentials of Corporate Governance", IFC Kazakhstan and Governance & Management Consulting LLP.