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Training program "Essentials of the stock market" (August)

KASE held in Almaty the training program "Essentials of the stock market" on August 17, 2017 for employees of financial and legal departments of companies. The training program is carried out free of charge for all listeners who wish to participate.

The aim of the program is to increase the awareness of employees of Kazakh companies about the country's stock market. Undergoing training will allow listeners to gain practical knowledge about the basics of the stock market and the use of financial instruments in managing financial flows of the company.

Themes of lectures and presentations (in Russian):
Stock market – management of money made simple and efficient ;
Exchange – trading platform and more ;
Exchange statistics – figures and trends ;
There are always alternatives: stocks and bonds ;
Listing on the Exchange – new opportunities for companies ;
Information disclosure and ensuring transparency – basis of the company's sustainability ;
The Exchange – information center of Kazakhstan's financial market..