Trade Information

KASE Issuer Day dedicated to KEGOC operations in 2016

KASE Issuer Day, during which the management of KEGOC (Nur-Sultan) met professional participants of the securities market representing investors’ interests, was held on April 21, 2017.

The results of KEGOC’s operating and financial activities for 2016 were discussed during the meeting.

The event was attended by representatives of KEGOC and current market-makers of KEGOC shares.

The Exchange holds Issuer Day in line with the Exchange's Development Strategy for 2016-2018. The purpose of such events is to increase investor interest in securities traded on the Exchange, as well as to establish feedback from shareholders of companies.

This is the second meeting of KEGOC management with representatives of its shareholders organized by KASE within the framework of the Issuer Day.