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On August 26–30 - The Fourth Issyk-Kul International Conference


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Resolution of Резолюция of the fourth Issyk-Kul International Conference of the securities market professional participants.

The Fourth Issyk-Kul International Conference of the securities market professional participants is characterized by friendly and creative atmosphere, under which were implemented meetings, discussions and informal meetings. All participants ere given an opportunity to speak and share their problems and experience.

The conference participants emphasized the need in regular implementation of such conferences with involvement of colleagues from other countries to share experience and drafts of legislative documents on securities markets cooperation. It was proposed to annually implement the Issyk-Kul International Conference of the securities market professional participants.

Representatives of business groups of CIS countries understand the need in re-establishment of horizontal relations for further development of the market economy.

Understanding the need in the information support of implementation of intergovernmental agreements on the economic cooperation and considering the need in consistent standardization and development of financial (stock) markets of states-participants based on the international standards and gained experience, and having considered and discussed issues of regulation and improvement of CIS countries financial markets, the fourth Issyk-Kul International Conference of the securities market professional participants, enacts:

1. Assist CIS countries financial markets participants and facilitate financial markets integration to ensure free circulation of capitals and financial services.

2. Consider reasonable further development and implementation of the Program of the financial market professional participants cooperation to ensure integration, extension of cooperation and stock markets development.

3. Initiate development and adoption of minimum requirements to the information on issuers and financial instruments offered for trading on the CIS countries market, and facilitate implementation of efficient forms of investors information support.

4. The conference participants undertake responsibilities to actively participate in development of mechanisms for stimulation of the population savings and organizations implemented through the financial market infrastructure.

5. Facilitate development of the single standards pf protection of investors rights and facilitate their legalization.

6. Recommend all conference participants to bring this conference resolution to the notice of their companies and regulating bodies of their countries.

7. Oblige organizers of the conference 2004 to publish this conference materials and place them on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange site.

8. The conference participants emphasize that the conference fame significantly increased due to the activities or organizers and participation of known specialists and companies - participants of the financial market.

9. Set the tome for implementation of the Issyk-Kul International Conference on August 26-29, 2005.