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On February 24–28, IRBIS Agency (Kazakhstan) Held the Corporate Training for Employees of KAZKOMMERTSBANK OJSC

On February 24-28, 2003, the Information Agency of Financial Markets IRBIS (Almaty) on request of KAZKOMMERTSBAN OJSC held the training for bank employees, working with securities mortgages on the topic "Market Valuation of Shares and Bonds."

The training included series of lectures on given by the bank topics, provided by practicing specialists of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), IRBIS Agency and Alliance Bank OJSC (Almaty).

Under the training participants were presented the KASE performance, the exchange listing requirements, specifics of quotation of various securities on KASE, their coding. Also, were considered most often used by KASE brokers deals conclusion methods, reasons, forcing traders to use one or another method. More emphasis was placed on the deals nature, the degree of their marketability and reasonability of application of exchange quotations and prices for shares and bonds market valuation under certain conditions of the Kazakhstan stock market.

The training participants familiarized with the project of exchange valuation method of shares and bonds, used by trades' participants as repo transactions subjects, and got better understanding of the main exchange repo market functioning principles.

The special focus of the training was made on lectures related to methods of valuation of shares and bonds, including application of data on trades results. Lectures were combined with practical examples. The Agency developed for the training participants appropriate handouts. Upon completion of the training participants passed the test, the results of which were delivered to the bank representatives, and participants received from the Agency certificates.

Implementation of similar events, which can be called "Professionals to professionals" – is the first precedent for IRBIS Agency, which previously was, aside from the main activities, dealing with training of specialists for the securities market and educational institutions students. The training participants expressed the keen interest to the proposed material, that allows the Agency to hope for scaling up of this type of service on the Kazakhstan stock market.

More detailed information about the training is available by telephone (3272) 63-26-46 (Kopbaev Rustem Abdrashevich) or e-mail:,