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On September 15, the 1st Issyk-Kul International Workshop of Professional Participants of the Securities Market was Held

In the Sanatorium Kyrgyzskoe Vzmorye on the coast of Kyrgyzstan gem – Issyk-Kul Lake, on August 24-27 for the first time in the history was held the international workshop of professional participants of CIS countries securities markets. This forum was initiated and organized by the Kazakhstan Association of Registrars, the Information Agency of Financial Markets IRBIS (Almaty), and the Center of Training of Specialists of the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange (Bishkek).

24 organizations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russian sent their delegates to the workshop. The number of participants made up 40 people, who represented registration companies, banks of Kazakhstan and KAZPOCHTA, brokerage firm, Kyrgyzstan Central Depository, training centers and associations of registrars of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan (see Appendix 1).

On the first day it became clear for organizers that interest of participants and colleagues from other countries to the workshop and its topic was beyond expectations. According to the agenda, which undergone some changes, on the first day was held the "improvised" round table, which focused on participants from Russia.

During informal meetings of Kazakhstan professional participants with representatives of the Russian registration company "Reestr A-Plus", were discussed problems relating to registration of deals in securities, the order of securities registration, implementation of global operations, interaction of registrars with other professional participants of the securities market, transfer-agential activities and other problems relating to professional activities on the securities market.

At the next day morning meeting, participants were welcomed by Chairman of the Council of Kazakhstan Association of Registrars I. Epishkina (Almaty), who wished colleagues to effectively work and rest.

In the report devoted to grounding of amendments to the law "On Registration of Deals in Securities of the Republic of Kazakhstan", I. Epishkina focused colleagues attention on the need in defining of such concepts as global operations, securities primary placement, securities conversion, securities fragmentation (consolidation), securities annulment.

The reporter N. Miller (Novosibirsk) presented at the workshop the extended topic related to specifics of the securities registration system in the Russian Federation. Issues of functioning of self-regulating organization found the keen interest in participants. The reporter briefly touched the management role and structure of the Professional Association pf Registrars, Transfer-agents and Depositories). Participants were interested in the Russian solution of the signature guarantee related problem.

Focusing on the practice of risks reduction, the reporter enumerated requirements for insurance organizations, developed on the Russian securities market.

The lively discussion arose among the workshop participants, when the reporter touched the issue of transfer-agential relations. Creation of the transfer-agential center and involvement of all professional participants of the securities market as transfer-agents in Russia aroused the interest in the workshop participants from Kazakhstan.

The first time in the history was held the international workshop of professional participants of CIS countries securities markets was closed by development of the resolution and approval of the concept of the "CONTINUOUSLY ACTING INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP", presented by the training center of the Information Agency of Financial Markets IRBIS.

The workshop materials are available at the editorial board of magazine Securities Market of Kazakhstan or at the training center of the Information Agency of Financial Markets IRBIS, e-mail:

T. Omarov, Almaty, September 4.