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I, as an authorized representative of the mentioned organization, have read the offer agreement on provision of services of access to market data in real time and agree to its terms.

Here you can sign up for trades browsing in real time, without the 15-minute delay. To get access you should register, make paymentand sign in with your account.

After the registration you will receive an invoice to your email, which should be paid by wire transfer.

You can sign in with your account via the form which opens after pressing button "sign in" (in the top of each page of the website).

Subscription to the equities and funds market also allows you to follow the KASE Index values and its constituents.

Subscription fee: 5 MCI per month

For successful registration you must fill in all fields of the registration forms correctly.

Information products are provided to distributors and customers in accordance with KASE internal document "Regulations on Commercial Terms of Market Data Dissemination"

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