ATFBank JSC (Kazakhstan) started realizing the project on purchasing shares of Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) - press-release

09.02.06 18:31
/KASE, February 9, 06/ - Press-service of ATFBank JSC (Almaty) today spread press-release saying: Quotation start On February 9 of 2006 in Karaganda there was held a meeting of heads of ATFBank and Valut-Tranzit-Bank with Mr. Nigmatulin Karaganda oblast's Akim. There were discussed perspectives of mutually profitable cooperation of Karaganda oblast and two banks in various directions of banking activity. It's planned to develop regional projects, including opening of lines of financing small and medium business subjects, retail crediting, design financing and other. In accordance with the exclusive Agreement made with Valut-Tranzit-Bank's shareholders ATFBank starts a complex estimation of Valut-Tranzit-Bank's business activity, which will last until the beginning of March of this year. At present, in compliance with Kazakhstan's acting legislation and requirements of supervisory-control bodies of the country procedure of preparation of documents necessary for getting permission for purchasing Valut-Tranzit-Bank's shares is held. ATFBank JSC and Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC, within the signed Agreement about ATFBank's intention to buy control shareholding of Valut-Tranzit-Bank (no less than 50%) and the financial institutions' strategic plans, intend to work actively on Kazakhstan's financial market. The sides have come to agreement about unification of strengths on Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC's development and about plans of its further capitalization. There has been created a work group, which consists of the bank's representatives on work out and realization of the joint strategy of business development in regions. Information about Valut-Tranzit-Bank Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC was founded in 1996, since year 2001 the Bank stably holds position among Kazakhstan's 10 biggest banks by main indicators. According to results of activity, Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC was given the Euromarket premium in Belgium (year 2003) for contribution to integration development. In year 2005 the Bank was given the second place at the ceremony of Asian Bank Awards for crediting programs development (Philippines). Today Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC's shares are traded in Kazakhstan stock exchange's "A" category. In 2003 by the Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC was recognized as confirming to international accounting standards. Today the Bank takes the 3rd place by regional network, among Kazakhstan's second-tier banks, the Bank has 17 branches, 185 CSO, 204 currency exchange offices. For many years Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC is a participant of Kazakhstan Fund of physical persons' deposits guaranteeing (insurance), Kazakhstan Stock Exchange; the World payment system SWIFT; Western Union; REUTERS the International Information system, Association of Banks of Kazakhstan; Financial Institutions Association of Kazakhstan, since 2004 the Bank is an Associated member of VISA the international payment system. At present Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC supports correspondent relations with 150 leading banks of the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UAE, China, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Byelorussia, Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia. Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC has been included in "Club-500" of most active participants of Western Union. In year 2005 Valut-Tranzit-Bank's five branch offices at a time became winners on the program "Top Country Teams", held by the international company "Western Union Financial Services, GmbH" among Kazakhstan banks-partners. Every year Ernst and Yong the auditing firm, which is one of 4 world auditing firms, approves results of the Bank's business activity. Moodys the International Rating Agency assigned to Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC В1 long-term rating and Е+ financial strength rating, all indexes are stable. The Bank's assets in year 2005 grew by KZT30.5 bn. or by 62%, having reached almost KZT80 bn. by the end of year 2005. By the size of assets among second-tier banks Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC takes the 10th place. The Bank's equity capital within the year (since January 1, 2005) grew by 39.5%, having reached KZT13,622 m. as of January1 of 2006. By capitalization level Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC takes the 9th place among 34 second-tier banks. Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC's net profit a of January 1 of 2006 was 2,225 m. The Bank takes the 8th place by the net profit. Valut-Tranzit-Bank JSC's deposit base in 2005 grew by 39.5% to KZT45.3 bn., of them KZT28.5 bn. - deposits of physical persons, of which KZT25 bn. are guaranteed. Loan portfolio in year 2005 grew by KZT18,449 m. or by 66.2%. Valut-Tranzit-Bank is actively working on introduction of progressive programs, products, technologies with participation of such big companies as "IBM", "3 I Infotech LTD", "Cisco-sistem", new modern system of work with clients - Client Relationship Management (CRM), Oracle. Information about ATFBank ATFBank JSC, founded in year 1995, is one of the leaders of Kazakhstan's banking system. ATFBank JSC is a universal financial institution offering to its clients services on leasing, insurance and pension provision, rendered by companies- partners: ATF - Leasing, ATF-Policy and APF Otan. At present 18 branch offices and 16 cash-settlement offices of the bank are functioning in Kazakhstan. ATFBank JSC holds leading positions on stock and currency markets of Kazakhstan. For 10 years of work ATFBank has achieved significant results in all spheres of banking activity and has become a powerful financial group of companies of modern type, in which over 2000 persons work and offer a wide range of financial products and constantly expand the range and scales. ATFBank is the fourth by assets financial institution of Kazakhstan. As of January 1 of 2006 the Bank's assets were over 2 bn. 600 m. US dollars, equity capital equals to about 290 m. US dollars, and profit totaled over 32 m. US dollars. The Bank's loan portfolio - over 1 bn. 814 m. US dollars. The achieved results are the best confirmation of correctness of the development strategy chosen by the Bank as a universal financial institution. Our each client, an individual or small or medium business subject, or a big company, can use a wide range of banking or financial products and get a high-quality and quick service in all branches of the bank. Geography of the Bank's activity covers the country's whole territory. ATFBank has 18 branch offices and 17 cash-settlement offices. In year 2005 EUROMONEY the International Agency recognized ATFBank the leading financial institution of Kazakhstan in corporate governance and the best Bank for small and medium business of Kazakhstan. ATFBank develops consumer crediting, finances big industrial ventures. It pays a special attention on financing small and medium Kazakhstan business, due to the Bank's funds as well as in cooperation with European bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD), German Credit institution for economic recovery (KfW), Asian Development Bank (ADB), The World Bank (WB). ATFBank is the first financial institution of Kazakhstan, which has received from EBRD authorities on independent management of small and medium business crediting process. ATFBank is a participant of EBRD's programs such as Trade Facilitation Program and Warehouse Receipt Program, the bank also actively cooperates with international export credit agencies. The tight partner relations with leading foreign banks let make quick transfer of funds around the world, serve cards VISA International, EuroСard/MasterCard, American Express, issue full range of own VISA cards. ATFBank has a bank-partner in Kyrgyzstan - Energobank OJSC, and a representative office in Moscow and plans to purchase commercial bank Siberia in Omsk. ATFBank's credit ratings as of January 13, 2006 Standard&Poor's Long-term counteragent rating В+, Short-term counteragent rating B Rating outlook Stable Moody's Long-term deposit rating Ва1 Short-term counteragent rating NP Financial strength rating D- Outlook Stable Fitch Long-term counteragent rating ВB- Short-term counteragent rating В Individual rating D Outlook Stable Support rating 3 Efficiency in work, competence of personnel and long-term relations is the base of confidence of ATFBank's each client! Quotation end [2006-02-09]