Sole shareholder of First Heartland Jusan Invest decided not to pay dividends on common shares for 2023

15.05.24 15:20
/KASE, May 15, 2024/ – First Heartland Jusan Invest JSC (Astana), which is a management company of investment funds, whose units are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has informed KASE about the decisions of its sole shareholder dated May 10, 2024 . The sole shareholder, among other things, made the following decisions: - to approve the audited financial statements of the company for 2023; - no dividends will be paid on the company's common shares based on the results of 2023. To retain the net income in the company. Decisions on a total of four agenda items were made at the meeting. This information is posted on – [2024-05-15]