Subsidiary of KazTransOil built water conduit for complex gas treatment unit at Kashagan field

06.09.23 16:25
/KASE, September 6, 2023/ – KazTransOil JSC (Astana), whose shares are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has provided KASE with the following press release dated September 6, 2023: quote Main Water Supply LLP (100% stake of KazTransOil JSC) implemented the project "Construction of a water pipeline for a complex gas treatment unit at the Kashagan field in Atyrau region". The water pipeline will supply water for the implementation of the first phase of the associated gas processing plant construction at the Kashagan field. Construction and installation works were completed within 3 months from May 31 to August 31, 2023. The water pipeline is connected to the main Astrakhan - Mangyshlak water pipeline, the operator of which is LLP Main Water Conduit. unquote The complete press release is available on: - – in Kazakh; - – in Russian; - – in English. [2023-09-06]