KazAgro National Management Holding announces its activity results of in 2019

15.01.20, 11:47
/KASE, January 15, 2020/ – KazAgro National Management Holding (Nur-Sultan), whose bonds are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has informed KASE as follows: quote Every year, the amount of funding for Kazakhstan's agribusiness industry through the financial institutions of the KazAgro National Management Holding is increasing. In 2019, KazAgro Holding provided more than KZT477 bn to agribusiness organizations, of which more than KZT448 bn were spent on agricultural lending and leasing of agricultural equipment and about KZT29 bn was allocated for the purchase of grain (in 2018, the amount of financing amounted to KZT400 bn, of which KZT385 bn in the form of loans and leasing and KZT15 bn for purchase of grain). KazAgro's loan portfolio amounted to KZT886 bn and the number of borrowers has grown to 77,000. Meanwhile, the share of small and medium-sized businesses among borrowers is more than 97%. Thanks to the financial support of the National Holding provided last year, 37,000 rural residents obtained employment and got new jobs, press service of KazAgro Holding says. unquote Detailed information is available on KASE website at - http://kase.kz/files/emitters/KZAG/kzag_reliz_150120_kz.pdf – in Kazakh; - http://kase.kz/files/emitters/KZAG/kzag_reliz_150120_1.pdf – in Russian. [2020-01-15]