As of March 20, 2019 amendment to Procedure of Execution of Deals on Stock Market under Scheme T+2 to be put into effect

20.03.19, 14:39
/KASE, March 20, 2019/ – Following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) Board of Directors dated March 19, 2019, amendment No. 1 (amendment) to KASE internal document "Procedure of Execution of Deals on Stock Market under Scheme T+2" (Procedure) was approved, with effect as of March 20, 2019. Said amendment stipulates that as part of implementation of default settlement procedures, a trading participant may terminated the deal on the settlement day (day Т+2) after receiving consent from the trading participant who is the counterparty of the concluded deal. In case of refusal of the counteragent to terminate the deal, the trading participant who submitted the deal termination request, must fulfill the obligation on the concluded deal for his own funds in his own account. The updated Procedure will be released on KASE website at [2019-03-20]