Only one national company controlled by Energy Ministry paid dividends to budget last year

28.06.01 00:00
/IRBIS, June 28, 01/ - The GSRW informs, with the reference to the Energy and Mineral Resources First Vice Minister Bolat Elemanov, that of the four national companies (Kazakhoil, KazTransOil, Kazatomprom and KEGOK, except for KazTransGas founded last year) under the jurisdiction of the Ministry, only KazTransOil paid its dividends to the budget (743m tenge or 10% of the net profit). Under its indicative plan, Kazakhoil allocates the total profit in 1999-2001 to production development. Kazatomprom, with the total profit of 517m tenge in 2000, invested the funds in reserve capital and in covering past losses. As for KEGOK, the dividends were not calculated due to the company's unprofitableness (the losses stood at 1,265m tenge).