Alatau Zharyk Company (Kazakhstan) buys back KZT7.1 mln worth of shares from Samruk-Energy

31.10.13, 12:24
/KASE, October 31, 13/ – Alatau Zharyk Company (Almaty), whose bonds are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has by an official letter informed KASE of the following: quote Alatau Zharyk Company (hereinafter – AZK) hereby notifies you of finishing the transaction involving a buyback of as many as 13,625,290 (thirteen million six hundred twenty five thousand two hundred and ninety) own shares worth a total of KZT7,085,150,800 from the sole shareholder – Samruk-Energy. Payment for own shares was carried out by way of alienation of assets (shares) of the subsidiary of AZK – Almatinskie Elektricheskie Seti – in the number of 687,879 (six hundred eighty seven thousand eight hundred seventy nine) pieces worth a total of KZT7,085,153,700 in favor of Samruk-Energy. The reason – decision of absentee meeting of Alatau Zharyk Company's Board of Directors, minutes No. 9 of December 25, 2012. unquote [2013-10-31]