Samruk-Energy (Kazakhstan) placed on KASE 2.4 mln bonds KZ2C0Y03E334 (KZ2C00001873, SNRGb1) at 7.0 % APR on June 12

12.06.13, 17:46
/KASE, June 12, 13/ – The special trading session to place bonds KZ2C0Y03E334 (KZ2C00001873; KASE official list Rated Debt Securities category, SNRGb1; KZT1,000, KZT3.0 bn; November 12, 12 – November 12, 15, semi-annual coupon 6.00 % APR, 30/360) of Samruk-Energy (Astana) were held in KASE trading system today. Kazkommerts Securities (Kazkommertsbank Subsidiary) will acted as the seller at the special trading session. At trades the issuer planned to place 2,425,000bonds KZ2C0Y03E334 (80.0 %from the total volume of registered bonds of this issue). As the price an order would indicate the bonds’ "net" price (excluding interest accrued) expressed as percentage of the security face value accurate within the fourth decimal. Orders for participation in the placement were submitted by the closed method from 11:30 a.m. to 03:00 p.m. (Amaty time). Limited orders only were accepted. The method of acceptance of orders for purchase – at prices of counter orders equal to the cut-off price or being more favorable for the seller. Settlements scheme – Т+0. Six KASE members took part in the trading, having submitted four orders for purchase of 2,799,998 bonds. All orders remained active at the end of the order submission period. Thus, the bid at trades made up 115.5 % from the ask. The prices in active orders made up 97.8045 % (7.00 % APR), 97.9125 % (6.95 % APR) and 98.3462 % (6.75 % APR), and made up weighted average 97.8277 % (6.9893 % APR to maturity for buyer). In the total volume of orders pension market entities accounted for 53.6 %, a brokerage and dealer company – 46.4 %. Based on results of the trading the issuer fixed the cut-off price at the level 97.8045 %, that complies with the bonds yield to maturity for a buyer in the size 7.00 % APR, and satisfied six orders, having placed 2,425,000 bonds. The amount raised made up KZT2,384,533,825.01. According to Central Securities Depository (Almaty) data all deals by the moment of this information release were executed. 50.5 % from the total number of offered bonds were purchased by a pension market entity, 49.5 % – brokerage and dealer companies clients. [2013-06-12]